Artone 19 – Expanding the Musical Vocabulary

Artone 19 – I designed a 19 tone guitar about 15 years ago but never got around to showing what the concept was all about, here is the intro and some details, this is only my first design. This instrument is quite playable and more will be done in the future, eg electric, bass, etc. I created the name Parvatic (Latin “parvum” , small steps) so I could create the new terms and names of harmonic forms this instrument will introduce to our musical vocabulary. Using “p” instead of  “##” or “bb”  simplifies the scalar structures, it denotes the new notes that are now usable,  the old 3rds are now more in tune than the equal temperament 12 tone system the old 7ths are now sounding good, plus you can now play a lot of other types of music that wasn’t available to the 12 tone guitar. This picture is only the preliminary design for the “Artone 19”.

Due to the nature of this “Artone 19”, Guitar and its construction, the only real help you will need is the unique fret spacing and frequencies, so I made a file that should help.


For a more details you can buy my book “Talking to the Birds“, Regards Arto.


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