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MIC Oligar – The Illusion of Democracy

February 23, 2011

Hi again, do you like living in willing servitude to the psychopathic rich, you would say “No Way Dude”,  the truth is most people do. If you then say “I have a chance like anyone to be rich as well, this is free country”,think  again, you live in a competitive society , so you only have very few winners(5%), which are a class to themselves(elites) and the rest of us are treated like losers. The idea that you have freedom is another illusion, you are bound to a perverted form of the capitalistic experiment for life.

So you say , Democracy demands we all have an input to say and execute social reforms to rid man of poverty, hunger,  homelessness and war, think again, this just does not happen in our so-called democratic system, the Oligarchy create the illusion of a functioning democracy and work both sides so nothing actually gets reformed, only more government control. Bush went to war, because he was told to, so the wealth could be redistributed back to the 5%, either Democrat or Republican.

John F Kennedy tried to reform the monetary system based on the Federal Reserve and he was assassinated, read Executive Order 11110.  The oligarchy created the financial crisis and Obama was under instruction to give the money to the same 5% that created the problem in the first place, now the republicans are saying cut the debt,  scrap all feel good social reforms. This isn’t a beat up on the common folks, this is to save the country from having financial and economic ruin.  Reality is not so bad, when you actually face it. We need to see a true patriot in office, a great manager of money, a builder and someone tough enough to fight for the working poor. It is the Military Industrial Complex fighting the Marxist Oligarchs.

New Cartoon strip – MIC Oligar

February 19, 2011

I have just started a new cartoon strip called “MIC Oligar”, strange name you say..mmm

The oligarchy – a power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people, like royalty, wealth, family ties, corporate, or military control.

MIC – Military Industrial Complex –  refer to the policy and monetary relationships between legislators, national armed forces, and the industrial sector that supports them.

Just remember all the good guys, family members and real patriots are in the MIC and all the Marxists and the Elites are in the Oligarchy.

Now that you have a background in the mindset of these cartoons, enjoy!!! Check out the flag… should be all stars, what are they?

Here is the second strip, this might hit home to some.

Thanks for checking them out…Arto