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The Optical Revolution is Here

June 20, 2010

My invention(AMOD) is now 10 years old to me, I have waited for the IBM, Sony, Hitachi, etc to come up with the solution of CD and DVD spin reliability and to eventually supersede it to a simpler more efficient solution, as usual they are making too much money from old technology and unreliable systems to go for something as simple, reliable and revolutionary as the Solid State Optical Disc Technology, I am at the end of my tether and will see who accepts my ideas as I am giving it freely to the world. Here is the basic system:

1.    No change to CD,DVD, discs this technology will not be obsolete
2.    Increases in read/write times increases 1000 fold
3.    No noise, no motor, no heat
4.    Lifetime of drive is extended to at least 100 years and much more
5.    CD,DVD can now be imprinted on anything
6.     The round disc will no longer be the imperative geometry
7.    New shapes and 3D forms will revolutionise computing and entertainment
8.    Simple manufacturing, once the required resolution has been achieved
9.    Error free reading/writing
10. Leadin, Leadout, Prepit not needed

Here is some pictures of the basic schematic and designs.

Artos Motionless Optical Drive